Here’s more about me!

My name is Daniel Koh. I am an O & G specialist and a foodie. I am joining O & G Partners Fertility Centre, a Sincere Healthcare Group affiliated clinic.

My background included 12 years’ service in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, with five years in the Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine.

My clinical interest is in the field of prenatal diagnosis and fetal medicine. It is my aspiration to provide quality care to all mothers as I believe that “mothers deserve better prenatal care”.

A firm believer of research and the power of education, I am actively involved in medical research and the education of aspiring doctors. Besides holding teaching appointments in all three medical schools in Singapore, I am a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School and a Physician Faculty Member of the SingHealth Residency Program.

For some blushworthy mentions, I completed my specialist training on O & G in Singapore during which I was awarded the best basic specialist trainee and best registrar awards and in 2019, I was awarded the prestigious Singhealth Quality Service Superstar Finalist award.

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